Dopamine: A chemical in the brain associated with mood enhancing effects;
responsible for feelings associated with sexual pleasure, confidence and

Dopamine the happy hormone

"Brain chemicals, including dopamine, play a role in the biological drama
known as romantic love. They contribute to the giddy, almost-irrational
feelings of attraction that dominate the lives of people who are 'head over
heels in love."

Michael Woods, science editor at The Blade

"Brain chemicals, including dopamine, may also play a key role in binding
together couples in romances that endure for years or decades. Being in the
presence of a spouse or other long-term partner stimulates manufacture of
brain chemicals that create a sense of well -being. As natural
pain-killers, these chemicals may reinforce long-term romances in another
way - by easing aches, pains, and other physical distress."

Michael Woods, science editor at The Blade

Elevation of dopamine levels often leads to an improvement in mood,
alertness, and sex drive, and perhaps even an enhancement in verbal fluency
and creativity.

Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements That Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood
       by Ray Sahelian, MD

Addicted to Love or Something Like it

"Studies show that gushy romantic sensations may be similar to the highs
drug addicts feel when they're under the influence.There are striking
parallels to the behaviors of drug addicts and people in love."

Nora Volkow, the associate director for life sciences at Brookhaven
       National Laboratory in New York

Cocaine, opiates and alcohol produce rewarding effects in part due to their
abilities to promote the release of dopamine.

Department of Psychology, California State
       University, Chico

A chemical messenger, dopamine is similar to adrenaline, also affecting
brain processes that control movement, emotional response and ability to
experience pleasure and pain.

College of Pharmacy, University of Texas

Have you ever wondered why smokers have to light-one-up immediately after
sex? Smoking appears to release dopamine into the brain so they get a double
shot of it by having an orgasm and lighting up afterward. This may be one of
the main reasons "kicking the habit" is so difficult.

Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed.

With these thought provoking facts, the movie Dopamine explores the issues
of attraction, lust and love or are they all the same?

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